Charisma provides comprehensive services for foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey, from choosing Turkish property that suits your needs and budget, to helping you settle down and assisting you in handling various affairs as a real estate owner. We will provide you with assistance and support throughout the whole process.
After visiting the real estate, if the customer decides to buy it, he should bring his passport and pay a deposit of $5000 to book the real estate. After notarizing the passport and obtaining the Turkish tax number, we will also prepare and notarize the sales contract with the help of lawyers. You can give the power of attorney to your lawyer, and ask him to handle the formalities of purchasing real estate at the notary office in Turkey on your behalf.
At this time, if the customer wants to open a bank account or apply for bank mortgage, we can also provide assistance. Most importantly, we apply to the Turkish Land Registration and Cadastral Administration for transferring the real estate right to the buyer.
When we are told that the contract is ready to be signed, the buyer must transfer all payments to the seller. (sample of land title in turkey)
The Turkish Chamber of Commerce stipulates that real estate agents can charge 2% commission to the seller and 2% commission to the buyer. However, if a buyer buys a faster house or a brand-new house from a construction company, the buyer will usually be exempted from 2% commission.